The future you want to see
In the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on medical checkups as people have been afraid to go near health centers. For this reason, there was a pressing need to take back control according to age, gender and family background.

MSD aimed to position itself as a leader in oncology and increase visibility among its target audience (general public, specialist media and key stakeholders in the sector, including the medical community, scientific societies and patient groups.)
Under the concept “The future you want to see,” we sought to reach key audiences through the generation of content that was personal, positive and relatable, distributed over all communication channels. The strategy was coordinated over two pillars via a website, social media and mass media:

Awareness-raising: on the importance of early diagnosis through medical checks that can help detect cancer in time, with a close and direct discourse.

Innovation: focus on immunotherapy as an innovative treatment and position MSD as a company committed to R&D.

The message to get across was that cancer is a treatable disease and, in some cases, curable. Prevention and early detection are fundamental aspects to improve cancer patients’ chances of survival. “The future you want to see” invites us to bear in mind those little big things that are worth living for.
The campaign's main goals were to position MSD as a leading national oncology company, raise awareness and prevent cancer.
The campaign was coordinated under the umbrella of “The future you want to see” and the importance of early detection through different aspects related to oncology, with results in media outlets such as InfoBae, Telam and Ámbito Financiero.

We also succeeded in reaching different audiences and started a conversation about the importance of prevention, detection and early diagnosis of different types of cancer.
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