Engaging in conversations requires a strategic understanding of stakeholders in a world flooded with information. Assertively, we help brands and organizations to establish genuine links with various groups with our creativity and own methodologies.


Technology and connectivity have changed how we consume information and impacted the media profile. The press has adapted by creating multimedia channels and adjusting how they investigate the facts. On the other hand, individuals and groups have also become content creators and disseminators. This reality calls for a new way of relationships, beyond traditional press releases or meetings with journalists. Our team of journalists and public relations experts works strategically to ensure that organizations and brands are engaged in conversations with different communication channels, such as traditional press, podcasts, video channels and other formats that may arise.


Purchase decisions or reputational perceptions are closely linked to the opinion of people and opinion makers we trust. This influence has become even more critical with the advent of digital media. As a result, businesses and brands must accurately track who, how and where their stakeholders are influenced. We have created our methodology that visually manages this influence, considering elements such as proximity and degree of influence. This applies to advocacy groups, digital influencers and governments and non-governmental organizations.


Celebrating milestones and promoting discussion meetings are essential for the organization's positioning. We work with partners to hold a wide range of events: product and service launches, factory openings, investor meetings, press conferences, activations in public places, employee meetings and celebrations.


Although we are primarily connected on the screens, searching for entertainment-based interactions has become essential in a world of information. Brand experiences or advocacy require creativity to gain public attention. We create engagement opportunities in unique ways, whether in virtual or face-to-face environments, including brand activation or sending customized kits.


Organizational culture has a direct impact on business positioning and longevity. Developing and maintaining a homogeneous culture, which ensures the employee's commitment to the organization's values, is essential for business success. Establishing internal communication processes while understanding and aligning leadership is becoming increasingly strategic. We support companies and their personnel to define information flows that allow their employees to engage, always seeking two-way communication.