Opening of regular sessions 2023

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, led this Wednesday, March 1, the opening ceremony of the 141st regular session of Congress -the last of his term- with the usual speech pronounced before the deputies and senators gathered in the Legislative Assembly. 

Main points of the speech

Multiple officials and authorities from the National, Provincial and City governments, such as the Head of Government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, attended the meeting. It was also his public reunion with the vice president and leader of the Senate, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Also present were union leaders, industrialists, representatives of the Supreme Court and heads of public companies.

In the traditional Legislative Assembly, Fernández reviewed the economic and political challenges that marked his administration, the structural challenges in Argentina and pending issues in his last year of government. The president sought to give continuity to the positive messages about industrial activity that characterize his speeches, presenting figures and projections that strengthen the idea that economic policy is on the right track.

The president’s analysis featured different milestones of his journey as head of the Executive Power. He also reiterated his accusations against the Supreme Court and defended Cristina Kirchner in view of her legal situation. The allusion to both points stirred up the opposition and raised tension in the venue, with some congresspeople even leaving the hall.

The annual assembly had an empty chair belonging to Frente de Todos’ deputy Máximo Kirchner. Other important figures within the Fernández cabinet and the government coalition were also absent, in some cases, due to prior engagements. This was the case of Santiago Cafiero -who is on an official mission in Bangladesh- and Axel Kicillof -who was speaking at his own opening of the parliamentary year in the Province of Buenos Aires.