2030 social and productive agreement for the Argentine automobile sector
The Argentine automobile sector consists of a large number of highly diverse stakeholders. The challenge was to work with all of them jointly to reach an agreement on a strategic ten-year plan for the development and promotion of the industry.
From the IAE Business School’s CONSENSUS Center, one of the most symbolic agreements of recent times was developed in coordination with academia: a Strategic Development and Promotion Plan for the Argentine Automobile Industry 2030, bringing together different stakeholders from the Argentine automobile sector. The Plan was submitted to the Argentine president Alberto Fernández at his first public appearance after assuming the presidency.

The strategy to reach this agreement successfully was first to harness all the academic resources we can provide to other sectors, in this case, the business sector, trade unions, and others. That is, to stand on neutral ground and bring together the interests and positions of all the stakeholders, without prioritizing the interests of anyone, and then intersect each of the positions, addressing them from a somewhat more theoretical and objective point of view to produce a final document shared by all parties.

Capitalizing on the fact that the government had been recently elected, the Ágora team coordinated between the communication teams of each party to create an integrated communications strategy for submitting the Plan.
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The document was submitted and delivered to the Argentine President at his first public appearance after assuming the presidency.

The feedback from the President was excellent, taking this agreement as a reference for many other industrial sectors and encouraging them to work together with academia as the automobile sector did, something that rarely happens in Argentina.
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